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AWWA Membership Information

The Alaska Water Well Association (AWWA)  was formed to become an effective voice for the state’s water well industry and continuously assists the members of the Alaska water well industry.

Our objectives are to assist, promote and support the interests and welfare of all phases of the water well industry. To achieve these, our members work to advance well construction, development methods and the science of ground water hydrology. Harmony and cooperation are sought among contractors, suppliers, technical personnel and governmental agencies.

To help meet these objectives, the Alaska Well Water Association provides members with newsletters, an annual membership directory, and annual meeting. The Association is active in legislation relating to Alaska's ground water industry, assists in developing state licensing requirements, and works on ground water and drilling controls.

Membership Benefits

  • Newsletters   

  • Government affairs representation 

  • Continuing education 

  • Scholarships

  • Business referrals

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